Avery's Custom Masonry, Inc.


Stone Landscaping

 Stone is fast making a comeback over prefabricated concrete masonry units in the landscaping market. The use of dry stacked stone walls and stone paving creates a much more natural look and serene feeling than the hard scape products of the concrete masonry market. 


We have engaged in many landscaping projects of late. With the use of 8" wide cut stone we have created dry stack retaining walls with incorporated geogrid, dry stack hand rails & piers and also used the dry stack method to encompass water gardens, waterfalls and fountains. Dry stack stone is available in an array of various shapes and contours. With the use of water and diamond cutting technologies, one can have boulders drilled to create the illusion of a natural spring bubbling from a stone, or have huge granite boulders cut into 7" thick slabs for dry stacked steps leading into your raised garden.

We also have created various patios and walkways with the use of stone pavers. Stone pavers are also available in various shapes and sizes. Whether you like the look of squares and rectangles arranged in a random ashlar pattern, odd shaped pieces used to create a mosaic pattern or cobble stone paving, Avery's Custom Masonry, Inc. has the experience in both design and installation to create stunning gardens, patios and water features to enhance your property's natural look and value. We work with various local quarries to give you the colors, shapes and products you require to give your property that unique look.